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Come to Us for Sao Paulo, Brazil, Weather and Other Information

A concierge service is available 24 hours, every day, at the reception desk in the lobby of Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel. The service attends to different needs of the guests, such as information about the hotel's facilities, entertainment at the hotel and Sao Paulo, Brazil, weather data. Our concierge also coordinates requests from the guests, arranges for reservations and takes care of mail and packages, among other tasks. The concierge area also includes the bell captain's desk. Services include luggage handling, message delivery, Sao Paulo travel arrangements and assistance with Sao Paulo weather updates.

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Keep Up with International News with Our Newspaper Stand

The Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel offers more than 200 of the most important and influential newspapers in the world. Our guests may order their preferred newspaper for same-day edition delivery. Past editions can also be obtained upon request and availability.

A few attractions in the city of Sao Paulo - Brazil, close to the Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel:
SAO PAULO BRAZIL HOTEL - MAKSOUD PLAZA - PARK SAO PAULO IBIRAPUERA PARK Located at a short distance from the Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel, in the midst of Sao Paulo most fashionable areas, the Ibirapuera Park is a green island of 1.6 million square meters, including a natural lake. With a wide running track, sporting arena and bicycle lane, the park in Sao Paulo, is a very pleasant place for long relaxed walks. Within the area visitors can also enjoy the Planetarium, the Museum of Modern Art and several other permanent and seasonal attractions.
SAO PAULO BRAZIL HOTEL - MAKSOUD PLAZA - MASP SAO PAULO ART MUSEUM ( MASP ) Only three blocks from the Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel, the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo - MASP - has a large permanent collection of the most well known classical painters such as Rafael, Ticiano, Rembrandt, Velásquez, Goya, Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso. The Museum promotes regular exhibitions of foreign collections. The architetural concept of the building is considered a masterpiece and one of the best museum designs in the world.
SAO PAULO BRAZIL HOTEL - MAKSOUD PLAZA - MUSEUM SAO PAULO IPIRANGA MUSEUM The Museum of Ipiranga in Sao Paulo Brazil, inaugurated in 1895, has a collection of valuable pieces of the monarchy and early Republic epochs. Close to the Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel some of the most famous paintings that illustrates the books about the History of Sao Paulo and Brazil are on display at the museum.
SAO PAULO BRAZIL HOTEL - MAKSOUD PLAZA - ORIENTAL CULTURE SAO PAULO LIBERDADE QUARTER Close to the Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel, Liberdade Quarter is a part of Japan in Sao Paulo. Some streets are decorated with typical lamps and tori, greeting the visitors looking for aspects of the oriental culture, Japanese cuisine and spices.
SAO PAULO BRAZIL HOTEL - MAKSOUD PLAZA - RAILWAY STATION SAO PAULO JÚLIO PRESTES STATION (SALA SAO PAULO FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS) This magnificent railway station building, built between 1926 and 1938 to drain the coffee production of the State of Sao Paulo through the port of Santos, has the same architecture style of the early 20th Century great railway terminals in Europe. To transform the building into the Concert Hall shown in the picture, the restoration works began in 1995 and took 4 years for completion.
SAO PAULO BRAZIL HOTEL - MAKSOUD PLAZA - CHURCH SAO PAULO CHURCH OF THE "ORDEM TERCEIRA DO CARMO" The interior of this church built in 1632 has beautiful details, besides the majestic organ of 800 tubes. One can also visit in the underground, the tombs of the founders of the Carmelite Order and of the "Bandeirante" Pedro Dias Paes Leme.
SAO PAULO BRAZIL HOTEL - MAKSOUD PLAZA - MODERN PARK HOPI HARI Large and modern amusement park located about 75 Km from the city of Sao Paulo on the modern Bandeirantes Highway.
SAO PAULO BRAZIL HOTEL - MAKSOUD PLAZA - FRANK SINATRA MAKSOUD PLAZA IN CONCERT Frank Sinatra's show at the Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel in Sao Paulo in August 1981 marked the beginning of a large variety of events at the Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo featuring worldwide known celebrities as: Michel Legrand, George Shearing, Joe Willians, Billie Eckstine, Julio Iglesias, Sammy Davis Jr, Alberta Hunter, Bobby Short, Buddy Guy, among others.

A headline in one of the most important newspapers in Brazil defined Frank Sinatra's presentation at the Maksoud Plaza Sao Paulo Hotel as: "Impeccable - Total Success at the First Presentation", (August 13th, 1981) and added: "If the intention of the Maksoud Plaza's owners was to turn the hotel and the city into a center for great events, then their goal was achieved.

As a result of a perfect organization, the audience crowded the Maksoud Plaza Events Pavilion. The concert began sharp on time and everything ran smoothly as planned. During the concert, Sinatra turned to the owner of the hotel, Mr. Henry Maksoud, and announced: "This is one of most beautiful hotels I have ever seen in the whole world", and continued: "Everyone that took care of us were absolutely wonderful".

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